Written by Doug Fernandes on February 28, 2014 | Herald-Tribune


Metcald steps down as Athletic Director

SARASOTA, Fla. – His colleagues at Sarasota High School noticed a happier, more relaxed Clyde Metcalf. “I’ve had people saying to me, ‘Why are you so happy? You look happy,’ ’’ the Sailor head baseball coach said. “It was a burden.’’


For the last 22 years, Metcalf’s job responsibilities at the school also included athletic director, but on Friday, the 60- year-old announced he would be stepping down as Sailor AD, effective June 4.


He will be replaced by Mark Aschenbrenner, an assistant on the Sailor baseball team, who has been training the past seven years to succeed Metcalf.


Sarasota’s head baseball coach for 33 years made the announcement on Friday afternoon, but arrived at his decision on Wednesday.


Among his remarks to a handful of Sailor coaches, Metcalf said “it was time’’ to step down. “It’s time to spend more time with my family,’’ he said. “It really is. It’s time to spend more time with my wife, my grandkids. She supported me, I talked to my three kids, they supported me. So I did it.’’


Metcalf said the demands of the job have steadily increased over the years.


“A lot of it is the paper demands of the FHSAA and the school districts,’’ he said. “It’s all legitimate, it’s all very pertinent and very necessary that we do what we do. The demands placed on the athletic directors by the individual sports, by the booster clubs, sometimes by the parents, the FHSAA school board, it’s encompassing.


“When I took it over for Charlie Cleland 22 years ago, we typed out a roster and sent it in to the FHSAA and that was essentially what we did. It’s a lot more involved now. And though we’re on top of it and though I feel we do a great job here, it started taking a toll, and the time commitment was ever increasing.’’


Metcalf now will have more time for his wife, Jan, his grandchildren, a daughter who lives in Tallahassee.


“Those are the things I want to do now,’’ he said. “Something had to give and it wasn’t going to be baseball, so it was this.


“I’m looking forward to the summer and the next school year of sitting in the bleachers, enjoying games without feeling any responsibility, unless it’s a baseball game.’’


Meanwhile, the 51-year-old Aschenbrenner said his work with Metcalf, essentially as an assistant AD, has prepared him for the job.


“For the past seven years,’’ he said, “I think slowly Clyde has allowed me to take over more and more responsibilities, so that the last couple of years, we’ve been kind of splitting a lot of the duties.’’


Even with Metcalf stepping down, he will remain at Sarasota High as a teacher and a source of experience, should Aschenbrenner ever need it.


“They’re big shoes to fill . . . but he’s going to be around and he’ll help when I need the help.’’



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