Written by Max Wintiz on April 11, 2014 | WWSB MySuncoast


Metcalf honored for 800th career win at Sarasota High


SARASOTA, Fla. – The legendary head coach of the Sarasota High School baseball team was recognized Friday night for a major milestone.


Players, coaches and fans honored Clyde Metcalf on his 800th career win. It was a win he got earlier this month.


"This year, he has put together a team that is the best team we've had in ten years. We can win it all this year, all thanks to him," said senior, Tyler Leonard.


Before the game, a flag was raised in center field commemorating the 800th win.


"It's a great honor. It's something I'll probably appreciate even more when I walk away from all of this," said Metcalf.


Metcalf has been the head coach of the Sailors for the last 32-years, bringing home two national championships and six state titles.


"I'm proud that it has all been done at Sarasota High School, whic is my Alma-mater and my community. I grew up in this community, and it has been really good to me," said Metcalf.


The Sailors got Metcalf another win Friday night, defeating Charlotte 5-1.