WEDNESDAY, February 3, 2016 (updated)

2016 College Commitments from teams the Sailors compete against this year and local High Schools

Staff Report published by Trevor Jones

This report details 32 High School players and their national rankings from teams that the Sailors either play against in 2016 and/or are local high schools:


Boone (1)

James Robbins, #1000+ (Troy)


Braden River (2)

Tyler Dyson, #318 (University of Florida)

Brian Dillingham, HF (South College of Florida)


Cardinal Mooney (2)

Taylor Garris, #1000+ (Samford)

Christian Maglich, HF (Florida Southern)


East Lake (3)

Christian James, #155 (Florida International)

Andrew Belcik, #307 (Notre Dame)

Kevin Lambert, #1000+ (Western Kentucky)


Freedom (1)

Brandon Madero, #1000+ (Palm Beach State)


Jesuit (5)

Clayton Kwiatkowski, #336 (Florida State University)

Michael Sandborn, #435 (Vanderbilt)

Nick Ortego, #500+ (Creighton)

Nicholas Baldor, #500+ (Miami)

Adam Weekley, #1000+ (Furman)


Out-of-Door Academy (1)

Parke Phillips, #1000+ (Brown)


Palmetto (1)

Brandon Lam, #1000+ (Lenoir-Rhyne)


Palm Harbor University (2)

Colt Mink, #500+ (Santa Fe College)

John Pichman, HF (South College of Florida)


Port Charlotte (2)

Matt Ranson, #1000+ (Lenoir-Rhyme)

Corey Brightman, HF (Dayton State College)


Riverview High School (1)

Peter Bozek, HF (Tallahassee CC)


Sarasota High School (5) 

Nick Long, #106 (University of Florida)

Nick Derr, #237 (Florida State University)

Andrew Jones, #358 (Florida Atlantic University)

Vaun Brown, #1000+ (Florida Southern)

Adam Imwalle, HF (State College of Florida)


The First Academy (2)

Garrett Milchin, #179 (University of Florida)

Cody Oerther, #1000+ (Emby-Riddle)


Venice (4)

Trevor Holloway, #386 (High Point)

Scott Dubrule, #500+ (Jacksonville)

Rylee Buckmaster, #500+ (St. Petersburg College)

Brent Killam, #1000+ (Georgetown)


* Rankings include the following:

1 thru 499  |  500+  |  1000+  |  HF (High Follow)


Source: Perfect Game website, February 1, 2016