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Clyde Metcalf, Head Coach


Clyde Metcalf has led the Sarasota High School baseball program since 1982 (38 years) and has elevated it to a level where it truly ranks among the nation's elite teams. The Sailors won national championships in 1989 and 1994 and Coach Metcalf was named by various entities as the 'National Coach of the Year' after both of those seasons.














Coach Metcalf (left) Coach Lyke (Center) and Coach Howell (right)


The 2020 Sailors certainly have a rich tradition to uphold. Eight former Sarasota High players became first-round picks in the MLB draft, including Atlanta Braves right-hander Casey Kelly, the 30th overall pick of the Boston Red Sox in 2008 and former Sailor Ian Desmond was a third-round pick of the Montreal Expos in 2004 (now the starting first baseman for the Colorado Rockies).


"We've been very fortunate to have had some great players come through our program," Metcalf said. "What we've tried to do is build a program that's consistent in what we do, and we've tried to progress with the times and make changes that we've felt are necessary, but our biggest thing is to put out a quality product every year."


As the winner of eight Florida High School State championships -- including six under Coach Metcalf in 1987, '89, '93, '94, '96 and 2007, Sarasota High receives a tremendous amount of support from several of their former players which helps create a good community program.



     Varsity Head Coach



     Varsity Assistant Coaches








     JV Head Coach



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     Pitching Coach (JV & Varsity)



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Coach Metcalf's Awards


ABCA High School Div. 1 Coach of the Year

 - American Baseball Coaches Association



National Prep Coach of the Year

 - USA Today and Eastern Polls



Coach of the Year

 - Tampa Tribune



Area Coach of the Year

- Sarasota Herald Tribune

  (1984, 87-89, 93-96, 00-02, 05, 10)


Coach of the Year

- Florida Diamond Club

  (1987, 89, 14)


Allstar Coach

- FACA South

  (1985, 91, 04)


District Coach of the Year

- American Baseball Coaches Association

  (1987, 89, 93)


Finalist for National Coach of the Year

- American Baseball Coaches Association

  (1987, 89, 93)


Baseball Coach of the Year

- Florida Athletic Coaches Association

  (1993, 94)


Coach of the Year

- USA Today



Coach of the Year

- National High School Coaches Association

  (1994, 2015)


Lifetime Member

- Florida Athletic Coaches Association



Sportsman of the Year




Coach of the Year

- Class 6A



Regional Coach of the Year

- Baseball Americn



Regional Coach of the Year




Regional Coach of the Year




Coach of the Year

- HTPreps