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Sponsorship Opportunities (Available)


Detailed below is a description of the five remaining Sponsorship Opportunities for the Sarasota Sailors baseball website. Each Sponsorship Opportunity is valued at $295.


ROSTER PAGE (1 spot available)

Fixed Banner (Cost Per Banner: $295)


The Roster Page includes the player list of both Varsity and JV. Visitors will then have the option to click through to each Player Profile page which will include their individual team photo, height, weight, graduation year, favorite baseball team and favorite player. We also provide a Roster History page for recent Sarasota Sailor teams


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STANDINGS PAGE (1 spot available)

Fixed Banner (Total Per Banner: $295)


The Standings Page will include the Varsity standings and all published national rankings as the season progresses. This page is typically one of the most popular.


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PLAYER UPDATES PAGE (1 spot available)

Scrolling Banner (Total Per Banner: $295)

Sponsors: (1) Mattes Stretching


The Player Updates page provides a list of former Sailor players who are still playing professional baseball (in the majors or minors), retired former Sailor players, former Sailors who are currently playing baseball in college, and current Sailors who have college commitments. For all active players, we provide links to their professional and/or college profiles to track their progress. For all retired players, we provide links to Baseball Reference which provides detailed career stats.


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PHOTO GALLERY (1 spot available)

Fixed Banner (Total Per Banner: $295)


The Photo Gallery page is always popular, especially after the alumni game, and gains popularity as the season progresses. More games, more photos. Given the convenience of mobile phones and cameras, we encourage everyone to email us their best photos.


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GAME REPORTS (1 spot available)

Fixed Banner (Total Per Banner: $295)


We are projecting a total of 60 game reports (35 for Varsity and 25 for JV). Game reports will display the sponsor name at the top of each report and will include team stats for each game. GameChanger will also provide a narrative description of each game. Links to all game reports are emailed to our Sailor families and then posted on the home page of the website.


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